Top Patient Monitoring Solution Companies
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Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Companies - 2020

An efficient patient monitoring system is integral to a healthcare facility for reaching the highest levels of clinical excellence. That being said, the collection, evaluation, and seamless relocation of patient data are necessary to limit the incidences of readmission and streamlining costs. The accumulated data will help the industry progress on all fronts, such as precision medicine, predictive analytics, fraud detection, and clinical trials.

Successful monitoring technology that operates outside the hospital’s controlled environment must be designed with the user and environmental factors in mind. The poor user interface of the wearables and home monitoring devices may involuntarily present usability difficulties resulting in insufficient and inconsistent data, and therefore affect the clinical decisions. Top healthcare companies have consequently recognized the value of structured data and AI, combined with well-designed user experience. And, with the untapped potential of remote patient monitoring, non-traditional medical device manufacturers are eager to enter and disrupt the healthcare market.

To this extent, IoT is opening new doors for the healthcare industry in the form of remote patient monitoring. The technology enables devices such as wearables, home monitors, and smartphones to connect to the internet and provide patient health information to the doctor who can assist with the treatment. IoT, moreover, allows patients and telehealthcare providers to work together for deeper engagement, more open communication, and better chronic disease management.

At this juncture, a wide variety of patient monitoring solution providers are entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 patient monitoring solution providers to help healthcare providers improve their patient monitoring practices and simultaneously enable growth in the industry. The list comprises of prominent organizations in the industry that will enhance patient monitoring by implementing the current trends. These tech companies have already amassed vast amounts of consumer data and have patented many sensing technologies that aim to disrupt the current patient monitoring market. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Patient Monitoring Solution Companies

  • Anovora provides analytics as a service (AaaS) and provides clinical researchers and medical professionals with comprehensive cloud-based technologies for real-time data analyses

  • Dental Monitoring, the first AI-powered remote dental treatment platform enables dentists to manage their patients’ care from afar. The company also fosters the dental treatment processes with more efficient and fewer in practice appointments with the doctor. Dental Monitoring creates and uses the most advanced technology to make dental healthcare more accessible to the majority no matter where they are while empowering dental professionals to deliver better and more personalized experience for all their patients. Overall, Dental Monitoring improves the delivery and efficiency of dentistry through automation and the use of artificial intelligence

  • Life Systems International (LSI) offers technology solutions that not only handle patient vital sign monitoring but also easy to use clinical documentation. LSI has a streamlined system for both these needs while being specific and customizable to a client's patient care needs while keeping up with their internal IT requirements LSI's technology offers continuous vital sign monitoring through its ECG wireless transmitter which is integrated with its software application installed on the Trenscenter central station, a Windows-based system. The software automatically collects the data from the transmitter, and intuitively provides the patient's caregiver all the information they need to track and document from a Medicare/CMS compliance viewpoint

  • By personalizing peace-of-mind through remote patient monitoring in healthcare, the primary goal of MiCare Path is to boost confidence and comfort with the major stakeholders in care delivery: the physician, the patient, and the payor. MiCare Path provides the patient an intelligent and real-time, customized care plan. The enterprise platform then allows the providers to monitor and customize, in real-time, according to the specific progress and outcomes of each patient. With the world-renown medical advisors providing insight into the system’s underlying intelligence, MiCare Path’s remote patient monitoring platform minimizes waste and ensures the right care at the right time

  • PhysioCue is a five-year-old consumer digital health and therapy device development company that has developed a non-invasive hypertension therapy device and migraine/headache therapy device. Proved to be efficient, safe, easy-to-use, and cost-effective, the company’s innovative devices reduce the effects of hypertension and migraine without having any side effects associated with antihypertensive and headache drugs. PhysioCue is on a mission to empower people affected by hypertension and migraine to take care of themselves and live healthy.

  • BioTelemetry


    BioTelemetry provides cardiac and mobile blood-glucose monitoring, centralized medical imaging and original equipment manufacturing serving the healthcare and clinical research sectors. Founded a quarter century ago, BioTelemetry remains committed to leading the mobile and wireless medical technology industry. We focus on the delivery of health information to save and improve lives, while reducing the cost of care. Our ability to invent and share ideas and technologies with others ensures that our customers and patients receive the very best in care

  • CardioComm Solutions

    CardioComm Solutions

    CardioComm Solutions, Inc provides technically and clinically innovative software solutions for information management systems in cardiovascular medicine and telemedicine. CardioComm's patented systems enable medical professionals, patients, and other healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals and call centres to access and manage patient information in a secure and reliable environment. The Company's software enables electrocardiography (ECG) data to be transmitted, received and managed anywhere in the world using standard computers, wireless devices, enterprise networks, telephones, or the Internet

  • Odin Technologies

    Odin Technologies

    Odin Technologies is a smart medical device company based out of Chicago, IL. With the intent to stop patients from unnecessarily getting recommended for emergency fasciotomies, Odin Technologies is developing a non-invasive diagnostic tool to monitor compartment pressure and tissue perfusion in trauma patients

  • Patient Innovations

    Patient Innovations

    Patient Innovations created OnTimeCare as part of our initial vision to build a more intelligent scheduling, communications, and patient experience platform. Now that feature rich ecosystem is a subset of a broader, purpose-built, Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) platform designed with proprietary clinical insights and algorithms. OnTimeCare provides productivity gains, optimizes room and asset utility, increases physician panel sizes and provides insights that drive clinical decision support. The OnTimeCare Vista platform of technology-enabled innovations ensures the optimal engagement of the clinical workforce. The system minimizes physician burnout by improving clinical workflow, optimizing scheduling density and assisting with Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

  • Rhythm Management Group

    Rhythm Management Group

    Rhythm Management Group is the Premier Remote Monitoring specializing in optimizing practices who care for patients with implantable cardiac devices. Our goal is to get patients connected to remote monitoring, keep them connected through a human, high-touch interaction, and deliver data to their managing physicians in an efficient, proactive and organized way. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional patient care focused on superior customer service