Navigating Cancer: Patient Centered Care for Every Patient

Navigating Cancer: Patient Centered Care for Every Patient

Gena Cook, Co-founder and CEO, Navigating CancerGena Cook, Co-founder and CEO, Navigating Cancer
In today’s changing healthcare environment, cancer care providers are expected to balance not only rapidly escalating value-based payment models, but also increased patient expectations for quality care.

Having been in oncology for over two decades, Gena Cook, Co-founder and CEO of Navigating Cancer knows very well the challenges cancer providers now face. “The only way forward is to change the cancer care delivery model into one that proactively manages patients and integrates them into their own care decisions. In oncology care every patient is at risk. To deliver the best care to every patient, providers must embrace patient-centered technology, which can bring together both the patient and the different members of the care team to deliver truly efficient and effective patient care,” says Gena.

Since 2008, Navigating Cancer has been focused on building a technology platform that enables providers to drive more value to patients, while still meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. The company’s oncology-specific PRM platform—Navigating Care—improves patient-provider interactions by giving patients the information, tools, and transparency to better participate in their care, as evidenced by the company’s high patient satisfaction scores. For providers, the platform automates critical, but largely manual workflows and its mobile compatibility creates more patient touch points with the same number of staff, supporting care team efficiency. The unique value proposition allows providers to transform their practices for better care coordination and patient experience, while supporting appropriate utilization and the best possible patient outcomes to stay viable in today’s value-based world.

The Navigating Care platform integrates a number of products essential to effective team-based coordination and delivery of patient-centered care. Care Management, provides triage, telehealth, remote monitoring and symptom pathways decision support so the care team can monitor their patients’ status and provide proactive patient interventions outside the four walls of the clinic. Without the platform and a centralized triage process, patients often call only to receive a call back hours later.

Our unwavering commitment to support personalized, patient-centered care for every single cancer patient has been our purpose since day one

If patient symptoms are managed too late or ineffectively, an unnecessary hospitalization may result. With Navigating Care, staff receive real time patient-reported patient data and can immediately assess the patient by employing various symptom pathways to ensure all patients are thoroughly managed. The addition of a mobile remote monitoring system enables practices to proactively manage their highest risk patients.

Supporting self-management, the Patient Link product brings personalized education together with supportive online communities to empower patient participation in their care. Patient Link intelligently delivers education specific to each patient’s diagnosis and treatment. “When patients know what to expect and feel supported through their journey, they can better participate and self-manage,” says Gena. Finally, Population Care allows clinics to define a set of population-specific criteria, such as medical home activities, and systematically manage patients in overlapping populations in a comprehensive way. Together, these products allow providers to deliver on the promise of comprehensive, coordinated and personalized care for every patient.

To further support practices in their transformation, the company also offers consulting and navigation services around their software. This puts practices at complete ease during the implementation process, enabling Navigating Cancer to create powerful provider-patient networks and support cancer programs across the U.S.

Ultimately, Gena credits their success to their cancer-specific and patient centric focus, “Unlike other applications that solve a broad range of clinical problems, we are the cancer specific patient relationship platform to enable patient-centered care at scale,” she explains. “Our unwavering commitment to support personalized, patient-centered care for every single cancer patient has been our purpose since day one.”