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MD Revolution: Integrated Workflows for Chronic Disease Management

Dr. Samir Damani, Founder / Chief Medical & Strategy Officer, MD RevolutionDr. Samir Damani, Founder / Chief Medical & Strategy Officer, MD Revolution
Dr. Samir Damani is of the firm opinion that patients will be able to better manage their chronic diseases, if they measure their clinical parameters and interact with their physicians more frequently. A practicing cardiologist, Dr. Damani’s unique perspective on the impact of chronic diseases spurred him to create MD Revolution, transforming the delivery of healthcare and chronic disease management. MD Revolution uniquely combines technology, services, and analytics to produce scalable, high touch care models that enrich the patient-provider experience and reduce the cost of care.

Partnering with providers, payers, and patients, MD Revolution provides a central repository where hundreds of patient-generated data points can reside. The firm’s innovative platform— RevUp seamlessly integrates data into a physician’s workflow enabling them to better interpret patient data and enhance care. The solution also allows third-party entities to interact with the patient on behalf of the physician. “For remote patient monitoring to gain traction and drive meaningful results, there has to be integration with the physician workflows both from a clinical and a technological perspective,” explains Dr. Damani, Chief Medical and Strategy Officer of MD Revolution. The integration of patient generated data, electronic health records, and physician workflows is what makes MD Revolution unique in the patient monitoring marketplace.

MD Revolution employs technology that scales personalized interactions and enables sustained engagement between patients and their healthcare teams. The system provides multiple methods for patients to enter data that is shared with physician extenders. “Patients have monthly interactions with health coaches who track their biometric data and can guide them with education specific to their conditions,” says Damani. Machine learning capabilities create a dynamic platform that evolves over time, delivering increased comprehensive and personalized interventions.

The challenge with many of the patients with chronic diseases is a lack of awareness and accountability on their part

Using sophisticated algorithms and analytics, RevUp can identify the highest risk individuals and assess what is working and what is not, the group of patients who have responded to the treatment and more. “The ROI can extend beyond the patient provider, to the payers to ascertain the risk elements of a particular patient group,” says Damani.

Statistics from the Center for Disease Control show that more than 90 percent of chronic diseases are preventable and manageable. “The challenge with many of the patients with chronic diseases is a lack of awareness and accountability on their part,” says Damani. RevUp helps users adopt small, sustainable behavior changes that can improve and prevent complications of chronic conditions. By enabling patients to proactively participate in their own healthcare, they gain a better sense of awareness and accountability that leads to better management of their symptoms. Not only does MD Revolution drive an improvement in individual health care, but they also offer a substantial savings for payers. In one instance, they evaluated the data for 3000 patients who were highly engaged with the platform. By successfully engaging patients and helping them become more aware of how their behaviors impact their health, there was a reduction in the need for medical resources and hospitalizations. This resulted in a $3.5 million savings in patient hospitalization costs and a five-fold return on investment for Medicare, comparing the cost to savings.

From proven case management practices to cutting edge digital health tools, MD Revolution provides profitable and accessible care management solutions that can be configured to meet the unique needs of their clients.

With the future of healthcare shifting to value-based reimbursement, the trend toward reallocation of capital to preventive healthcare will help to reduce overall healthcare costs. “RevUp is a force multiplier in enabling care managers to be more productive and efficient to deliver the best care possible,” says Damani.