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OneCare: Breakthrough in Continuous Virtual Care

Top 10 Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions Companies - 2022

Getting preventative care outside of a hospital setting was only a pipe dream until now. Technology is making this expectation a reality. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, technology providers are developing advanced patient monitoring devices to revolutionize medical care by reducing hospital readmission rates, cutting-down expenditures, and enhancing patient outcomes. These trends are driving the global remote patient monitoring market from the present $54 billion to $193 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 27.62 percent.

This growth is especially driven by the move of healthcare organizations toward personalized medicine to improve patient satisfaction and reduce hospital expenditures. Among the technologies that are enhancing patient monitoring, AI is the most notable for its ability to identify risk factors and anticipate potential complications. For instance, when the patient monitoring devices detect a decline in blood oxygen, AI algorithms can compare the monitoring data with the existing clinical data to determine the likelihood of medical emergencies for the patient. The care team can intervene and alleviate the condition before it is too late. AI-powered patient monitoring can thus help prolong the patient’s life without them having to visit the care centers frequently.

To put the spotlight on such key developments in the industry, Healthcare Tech Outlook illustrates how care providers are leveraging the latest technologies to augment their patient monitoring workflows and meet patient and physician expectations. The edition features thought leadership articles from Mitchell Fong, VP of virtual care at Renown Health, Alison Havens, director of patient care services at McLaren Health, and Patrick Young, President of Population Health, Hackensack Meridian Health, who shed light on the innovations in patient navigation, enhancement of patient experience, and the augmentation of population health strategies with technology.

In this edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine, we also bring to you the story of some of the top patient monitoring solution providers that are facilitating unparalleled workflow optimizations for care providers and enhanced care outcomes for patients. In the list, OneCare particularly stands out for its care-as-a-service platform, which is designed to keep patients and their care providers always connected with around-the-clock information exchange. The list also comprises Kencor Health, the creator of the SAMi AI-bot that helps patients navigate a comprehensive ecosystem of remote patient monitoring, telehealth, COVID-19 screening, and clinical trials. Qardio is another notable mention, as its platform enables care providers to efficiently track, analyze, and triage large patient populations and provide them with the critical care they need. We also bring you the story of Revolution, which offers full turnkey remote patient monitoring solutions for in-home use. Along with simplifying physician workflows, Revolution aims to facilitate unmatched comfort and convenience for patients.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in the remote patient monitoring segment. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions Companies

  • OneCare offers a revolutionary caregiver-centric Care-as-a-Service platform to improve the act of caregiving.The company is reinventing continuous care and representing the part of the RPM/CCM ecosystem that will allow for sustainable economic viability. The role of wrist wearable platforms like theirs is the secret fulcrum to providing an effective, sustainable, and profitable RPM/CCM program.

  • Kencor Health takes a human-centered approach to remote patient monitoring in order to streamline processes and improve care outcomes. Under the visionary leadership of the founder and CEO, Muthu Krishnan, Kencor Health revolutionizes patient engagement and monitoring by connecting patients with care teams through an AI-powered RPM platform, SAMiTM . SAMiTM works in tandem with the Kencor Health Ecosystem, enabling clinics, medical facilities, and hospitals in democratizing remote healthcare.

  • Qardio provides physicians with an end-to-end RPM and telehealth service, QardioDirect that helps manage chronic care patients.

  • Revolution RPM is a MedTech solutions and services provider with a singular mission to assist elderly people make full use of remote patient monitoring systems that allow for better overall physician care experiences

  • Medek Health is a leading provider of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services for practices across the country. Medek Health’s mission is to provide high-quality solutions and the best service and care possible in the Remote Patient Monitoring industry without the hassles of outdated methods, while also offering a single proprietary portal tailored to a practice's specific needs.

  • ChronicCareIQ


    ChronicCareIQ is award winning technology that enables physicians and hospitals to keep better tabs on chronic and fragile patients while simultaneously tracking and documenting all care management reimbursements. Their simple-to-use, turnkey solution empowers physicians to connect with their patients by utilizing technology patients already have, including smartphones, tablets, computers and even landlines.

  • LIFE365


    Life365 is a leading telehealth and remote care management solution provider. The Life365 digital health platform includes solutions for patients with various conditions where remote patient monitoring and active self-management will result in better health outcomes. Their solutions gather biometric measurements, and other data, from patients located in their homes.

  • Masimo


    Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) is a global medical technology company that develops and produces a wide array of industry-leading monitoring technologies, including innovative measurements, sensors, and patient monitors. Masimo connectivity, automation, and telehealth and telemonitoring solutions are improving and automating care delivery both in the hospital and beyond.

  • Verustat


    Verustat offers a remote patient monitoring platform that is a pathway to better health for providers’ patients. Verustat manages patient’s physiological data at home, which offers patients accurate care and adds profit to the provider’s bottom line, without unnecessary extra work for their staff. Verustat monitors patients so they stay healthy, while bringing more revenue to physician practices and hospitals.

  • Vianova Health

    Vianova Health

    Vianova Health is all in one healthcare platform for monitoring patients, assigning care plans, organizing training sessions with a customizable dashboard, App and RCB. They are a group of award-winning innovators, surrounded by short term accolades from 25 industries and from over three continents. The company focuses on the journey to develop positive habits, focusing on healthy, behavioral norms.