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Smardii: Preventive Care through Smart Adult Pads

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Mathieu Gaddini, CMO, SmardiiMathieu Gaddini, CMO, Smardii
The growing imbalance between the aging population and shortage of nurses is indeed an unsettling development in the healthcare industry. To curtail the impending crisis in care delivery, nursing homes need innovative technology that will help them to be proactive in discharging their duties. New Jersey-based Smardii offers a sensor-based wearable device that enhances adult and baby protection. The device, when connected to an adult pad or baby diaper turns it to a smart diaper that supports hygiene and patient care. “Our smart, connected device detects urine, stool, temperature, body position, and collects biometrics in real time,” says Mathieu Gaddini, Chief Medical Officer at Smardii, and a seasoned practitioner in pediatric and geriatric care with deep experience in acute nursing facilities. “By making critical health data available to care teams, we don’t just enhance healthcare services to save lives but reduce the operational cost and create efficiencies as well.”

Due to loss of mass and frailty, aged patients have a tendency to fall which often results in severe injuries and even death. “One aged person loses her or his life due to fall every 16 minutes,” informs Gaddini. However, most alarm systems used to monitoring patient falls usually set off when the damage is already done. Moreover, these medical alarms sometimes lead to more falls due to the noise that causes panic among other patients. Smardii changes the game by detecting the imminence of fall through ongoing monitoring of body positioning of at-risk-residents instead of a fall that already occurred. Besides, care providers can also reduce the expenditure on alarm systems as the alarm mechanism is natively embedded in Smardii.

In addition to its early fall detection feature, the intuitive device also plays a crucial role in addressing the effects of incontinence, which if unchecked can lead to a higher risk of urinary tract infection (UTI) or skin infection. Using proprietary algorithms, Smardii monitors conditions in real-time, immediately notifies medical staff when a brief is wet or soiled; and when abnormal body movements, temperature changes, or abnormalities in urine are detected. The care teams can utilize the digital dashboard—that is complementary to the Smardii device— to track these conditions and avoid untoward consequences.

By making critical health data available to care teams, we don’t just enhance healthcare services to save lives but reduce the operational cost and create efficiencies as well

Smardii’s biometrics recording feature helps healthcare providers to remotely monitor a patient’s health condition, check on the biometrics reports, and take appropriate measures to avoid medical complications. These capabilities cater to the needs of care providers in the European region where most of the elderly patients have to stay back in their homes due to the shortage of nursing homes. On the other hand, U.S. care providers can benefit from Smardii as it helps reduce the risk of lawsuits, and penalties by providing evidence of the (good) care administered. The easy to use Smardii dashboard will help automate diaper checks and resident monitoring, lowering the burden on existing staff which can lead to lower turnover and improved quality of care for the residents. The sensor-based Smardii device records everything from patient details to consultation timings. This information aids nursing homes to intimate a patient’s family on the care continuum and key developments along the journey. The company takes a strict compliant approach to ensure data is collected, stored, and consented to use as per the regulatory norms.

“We strive to add more features in our device to enhance the efficiency of the nursing homes, the quality of life of patients and medical staff,” says Gaddini.“As skilled facilities and hospitals adopt our device in large numbers, it will provide validation for present-day ‘moms and dads’ to use Smardii and help us penetrate the baby diaper market in the near future.”