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Transforming Healthcare with Blockchain
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Although blockchain is a much-discussed technology of recent times, much of it is yet to discover. Most people are acquainted with the technology through the term Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that has gained momentum over time. Nevertheless, the...

Enabling IT to be a Digital Business Partner
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Chris Akeroyd, VP & CTO, Children’s Health

Cost optimization is perpetually one of the top agenda items for most healthcare CIOs. Why? Because leadership and business rely on IT to enable more innovation and organizational strategy while at the same time costing less. And don’t...

What Changes can be Expected with Blockchain Entering the Healthcare Arena
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With 90 percent of doctors today using electronic patient records, the challenge of unconnected systems of the doctors, leads to endangered patients on a large scale when a ransomware attack targets hospitals. Also, the breakdown in...

Blockchain to Revamp the Healthcare Landscape
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According to various tech experts, blockchain will be disrupting a large number of industries in this year including medical services. It was originally created to track Bitcoin transactions and share information of transactions across interested...

Changing Healthcare with Blockchain Technology
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The healthcare landscape is poised to witness the next big advancement with the emergence of blockchain. In a recent report, IBM mentions that more than half of healthcare executives intend to implement blockchain technologies into their...

Securing IoT Devices to Avert DDoS Attacks
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Will Long Sr., VP & CISO, IS Operations, Children’s Health

Traditionally, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was limited to one particular device or desktop. With the enormous growth and implementation of IoT devices including home routers, camcorders, and DVR, these attacks have become much more...

How Supply Chain adds Value to Information Technology Contracting
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Tom Harvieux, Senior Executive Director, VP, Corporate SCM, Sanford Health

Particularly in healthcare, it’s common for supply chain teams to sit on the sidelines while information technology (IT) leaders and teams independently negotiate and manage software, hardware and purchased services contracts. While supply...

Sharepoint's Business Value And Evolution To Team Sites
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Jason “JD” Duigou, CIO, Medxcel Facilities Management

SharePoint On-Premises For more than a decade, many companies have adopted a SharePoint on premises solution to meet various functional uses. Common uses range from basic web-enabled file sharing to corporate intranet with sites and sub-sites....

Blockchain: A Way to (Safely) Bring Down the Barriers to Data
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ShahramEbadollahi, PhD, MBA VP, Innovation & Chief Science Officer, IBM Watson Health

Imagine for a moment a healthcare system where patients control who sees their data. An individual at home recovering from a procedure might sign in to her medical account through a personalized dashboard on her phone, and with a couple of swipes...

To Pay or Not to Pay, That is the Question
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Bryan Smalley, Enterprise Security Architect, Orlando Health

  Note: “Healthcare Tech Outlook incorrectly listed Mr. Smalley’s job title in the original article as “Director IT/Client Technical Services”. This has been corrected to reflect his correct job title at the time” Healthcare and...