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An Improved Supply Chain with Innovative Strategies
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2018 has been a pivotal year for promising technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, mixed reality (MR), and blockchain to be applied in several realms of the supply chain, such as end-to-end visibility, product tracking,...

Innovation Eases Collaboration: Behavioral Health Dashboard helps Hospitals Work Together in Real Time
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Kelly Craig, Chief Strategy & Information Officer, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

For 15 years, the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers has focused on finding ways to bend the cost curve and improve care for individuals with complex health and social needs. In 2018, we are rolling out a new Behavioral Health Dashboard that...

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: It's not happening
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Kirk Kirksey, VP & CIO, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Blasphemy I know, but Healthcare does not need another dashboard. And there is something else. We need to stop believing healthcare dashboards and healthcare analytics are the same thing. They are not. As I recall from time spent in endless sales...

Iatric's Analytics on Demand Promotes Value-Based Care
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BOXFORD, MA: Healthcare industry is rapidly transiting from Fee-for-Service model (volume-based) to Value-based reimbursement (worth-based). For effective management of the performance drivers like Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR), Outpatient...

Sterling Healthcare Logistics: ACXSS by Sterling: A Virtual Materials Manager
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Geoffrey H. Silver, CEO

A cloud based supply chain management software for healthcare systems to manage and optimize procurement across all facilities

Zebu Compliance Solutions: The Healthcare Compliance Experts
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Francesca Hartop, Founder & CEO

Zebu Compliance provides a comprehensive revenue cycle compliance portfolio focused on the right provider, the right services, at the right time

Medikos: Data-Enabled Clinical Care Optimization
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Alberto Solé, President and CEO

Provides smart tools and medical solutions based on connectivity and interoperability abilities to optimize clinical care processes

NextGen Healthcare: Population Health Management Simplified
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Rusty Frantz, President & CEO

Provides integrated clinical, financial, and connectivity solutions for primary care physicians, specialist physicians, health systems, and dental provider organizations

InSync Healthcare Solutions: Bringing Providers "Up to Speed" with a Tailored EMR
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Tom Wilson, President

Provides integrated EMR, practice management software and tailored solution to fit the needs of the individual practice or any healthcare organizations

AntWorks: Aligning Operations to Enhance Medical Outcomes
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Asheesh Mehra, CEO

Specializes in providing solutions primarily to the financial and healthcare sectors through two delivery models - Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and Testing as a Service